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I'm a Colorado writer searching for a literary agent for my novel Professionalism.


Professionalism is a story about Diya Chandra, a high school orchestra teacher facing high expectations at her job, struggling with competing desires, navigating grief and difficult emotions, and trying to be the best teacher she can be through it all

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As a violinist, I always wanted to write a story whose setting was in music education. My experience as a child musician was very special to me and it was fun bringing that world alive with Professionalism. I read scores for the performance scenes so that readers will be completely immersed in the music's magic. 


As a former substitute teacher, I understand the joys and stresses of this challenging profession and wanted to showcase them all with Diya's experience. I was blessed to have wonderful orchestra teachers and wanted to honor them and their lasting impact with this book.

Strong Women

Diya has dealt with many distressing events in her life which has made her into a brave and resilient woman. Her strength is tested again through the crisis at work, but she's determined to push her needs aside to be there for the students when they need her most.

Real World Issues

Not every story is sunshine and roses because life isn't that way, either. Loss, grief, mental illness, fear, complicated relationships, and financial woes are all parts of life that make their way into this book. Professionalism is great for readers who don't shy away from gritty and realistic stories but embrace them and their importance in our world.


Ahh, beautiful Chicago! I went back to my Illinois roots and had Chicago be the setting for Professionalism. It was a blast visiting it several times while writing the book and picking out the perfect places for Diya to explore!

Across the Nations (In Progress)

While I wait to hear back from literary agents, I have been working on my next book, the first of four in Across the Nations. This historical fiction adventure tetralogy set in 1690 will follow the fifteen-year-old fugitive Marie's journey around the world. It's a swashbuckling, rags to riches odyssey with witches, pirates, royalty, and so much more!

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